The Caeli Wind team

Our heart -
the Caeli team

We at Caeli Wind are promoting the expansion of wind energy!

We know our way around - in the energy industry, in project development, in business administration, in software development, in data analysis, ...

With our experienced experts from a wide variety of fields, we work to make renewable energies accessible and sustainable for the future. With our developed platform and our know-how we would like to contribute to the expansion of wind power in Germany. Together we seized the opportunity to develop an innovative technology in order to secure a sustainable energy supply for the future.

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Our management team:

Heiko Bartels

Heiko Bartels
Founder and CEO

Heiko is one of the founders of Caeli and, as managing director, is responsible for all customer-related topics, from sales to marketing, communication and the expansion of the project developer community. He is an experienced start-up builder and cloud expert. He also uses his energy management know-how in the management of the LBD consulting company.


Julia Barkenfelde

Julia Berkenfeld
Head of Sales & Marketing

Julia brings with her many years of expertise in sales and key account management. In her function as Head of Sales & Marketing, she is the first point of contact for project developers and at the same time an absolute expert in her field.


Adreass Rieckhoff

Andreas Rieckhoff
Managing Director

Andreas is responsible for the entire IT area and the operational processes in the management. He has been digitizing and automating processes in the renewable energy environment for 20 years now. Initially at LichtBlick SE with overall responsibility for the development of various IT areas and the virtual power plant, later as CTO of a P2P marketplace for sustainable product offerings. He sees IT as a supporter and enabler of innovative and digital business models, especially through the technical development of platform ecosystems.


Ben Schlemmermeier

Ben Schlemmermeier
Founder and CEO

Ben is a renowned energy industry expert and an absolute thought leader and specialist in his field. He
is not only the founder and managing director of Caeli Wind, but also the managing director of the LBD consulting company. He has been advising energy companies, industry, NGOs & public institutions for 30 years. Climate-neutral living spaces are his mission and goal.


Dr Nadin Schuetz

Dr. Nadine Schütz
Head of Human Ressources
& Finance

In addition to all personnel matters, Nadine is also responsible for finance. Her many years of experience in managing corporate finance at Lichtblick SE stand for her know-how. She is a specialist in financial processes and responsible for the management and optimization of finance. For Caeli Wind it is therefore indispensable.