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We advance the expansion of wind energy. Digital and intelligent.

Advancing wind power together.

In order to achieve the wind energy policy goals, we need intelligent solutions that decisively advance the targeted expansion of wind energy. Planning and approval procedures must be accelerated, species protection assessments simplified, acceptance increased - Caeli Wind offers solutions for all of this - digitally and intelligently.

Advancing the energy transition together.v

Caeli Wind is a cloud-based, intelligent platform that identifies wind potential areas and enables quick marketing. We use precise analyzes with the overriding goal of significantly increasing the probability of project development being implemented. On our marketplace, we bring project planners and land owners together and create space liquidity for the expansion.

Caeli Wind
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Our foundation


Protecting the climate with green energy. Climate neutrality is the central challenge for all areas of our society. With our innovations in digital infrastructure planning, we are setting new standards in the implementation of all climate protection efforts.


We accelerate the construction of wind turbines and thus offer an important component in achieving the climate goals. We offer a radically simple platform with unprecedented analytics that consolidates the fragmented onshore wind market.