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Caeli - the marketplace for
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We bring project developers and landowners together.

  • Wide range of tested wind potential areas in many federal states
  • Detailed site information incl. planning law, initial faunistic report, air traffic control and grid connection
  • Open, non-discriminatory award procedure in the form of qualified auctions or as a beauty contest
  • Standardised neutral concession agreement from Caeli
  • Payment only in case of success: Performance-based commission for signing, BImSch and entry in the market master data register

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exclusive areas

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Pre-planning and review as well as profitability calculation is carried out by Caeli Wind

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Fast allocation and
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standardised processes

Our current space offer

On the Caeli marketplace you will find tested and pre-planned sites with a construction potential of over 2 GW - this corresponds to 66 % of the German annual target for 2022.

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Learn more about Caeli Wind

What is Caeli Wind?

Caeli Wind is a marketplace for wind potential sites. Project developers gain access to new sites through us - we offer landowners the opportunity to check their sites for suitability and advertise them through our marketplace.

Why should I work with Caeli Wind as a project developer?

With Caeli Wind, you as a project developer gain access to a number of undeveloped sites in the market, which we have examined and evaluated in detail.

What distinguishes Caeli Wind from other marketplaces or brokers?

The Caeli Marketplace is a platform that has been developed exclusively for the purposes of the wind industry. This means that only sites that we have assessed in detail - usually over a period of 6 to 12 months - for their suitability for wind energy can access our platform. These sites are usually free of restrictions (white areas), open to wind and pre-planned and economically evaluated by us with an indicative park layout. Depending on the respective state ordinances, Caeli sites are located in wind priority areas or in regions which, according to our assessment, have planning rights or for which planning rights have been promised.

What else distinguishes Caeli locations?

In addition to the aspects of restriction checks, wind accessibility and planning law, Caeli sites undergo various suitability and quality checks. These include initial faunistic assessments, enquiries with the BAF and the German Armed Forces, grid connection checks and, if necessary, consolidation processes. Caeli does not replace the work of a project developer, but attempts to complete many routine processes in advance that must be carried out by all market participants.

What content about a location can I view as a project developer?

All inspections, calculations and appraisals carried out by Caeli are documented for each site and available in a digital data room. In addition, we offer expert consultations and site inspections during the pre-marketing phase so that you can get a detailed picture of the value of a site.

How are sites displaced by Caeli?

All sites on the Caeli Wind marketplace are exclusively distributed by us as brokers and are available to all registered marketplace participants for viewing. Landowners who mandate Caeli decide independently whether their sites are to be put out to tender via a structured, qualified auction procedure or whether they are to be awarded by private treaty, e.g. via a beauty contest. Which form of award was chosen is noted in the respective location exposés. If the award is made in the form of an auction, it is usually - but not exclusively - awarded on the basis of the economically most adequate offer based on realised MW and lease amount. Unlike in public award procedures, however, our landowners are explicitly not bound to contract the most economically attractive offer, but can model other criteria such as track record, realisation speed, park participation or other scoring criteria into the award.

What is necessary to get access to the Caeli marketplace and auctions?

As a market participant in the wind industry, we require that you, as a project developer, energy supplier or investor, have verifiable expertise in the planning, financing and realisation of wind farms - from your own capabilities or through appropriate partners. Within the framework of a pre-qualification procedure, we collect these aspects and share them with our area partners. The Caeli Wind marketplace is available to every company without discrimination, but our area partners decide freely which companies are admitted to auctions or beauty contests.

What happens after the end of an auction? Who negotiates the concession contract?

With the end of an auction, i.e. the award of the site to a winning partner, the lessee and lessor are obliged to enter into a contract in the form of a concession agreement. The essential contents of the concession contract are provided by Caeli in the run-up to an auction and are binding. Caeli understands that each market partner has developed its own detailed concession contracts - in the course of comparability and the intended acceleration of any market processes, we would like to develop a balanced standard that we share openly in the market. Until this standard has emerged, we moderate the speedy final negotiation of the concession contract.

What does the Caeli service cost?

Participation in the marketplace is free of charge for project developers, energy suppliers and investors. In the event of a winning auction, we charge the lessee party a performance-based commission, which is based on the MW actually realised in the park and is payable in three milestones.

What are the next steps?

If you are a project developer, energy supplier or investor and would like to gain access to the Caeli marketplace, please use the registration form below. Caeli will then contact you promptly to discuss the onboarding process. Due to the current increased demand prior to the opening of the marketplace in Q4/2022, we are processing all requests in the order in which they are received.

For further questions or personal advice

Your questions are best answered face-to-face. Feel free to contact our experts and let us advise you.

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