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Check with Caeli now whether your forest property or your agricultural area is suitable for wind power - and how much rent you can earn.

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Did you know that as a landowner you may have the option of using your land for wind energy? With wind energy, you can not only make your land significantly more profitable, you also make an important contribution to climate protection and security of supply in Germany.


We check and market your space via the Caeli marketplace and support you until the successful licensing agreement with a project developer.


Benefits for forest owners

  • Finance ecological forest conversion
  • minimal intervention in the natural environment of the forest with subsequent dismantling of the wind turbines
  • make a contribution to the energy transition and environmental protection

Benefits for Farmers

  • Make brownfields profitable
  • low land consumption - the area around a plant is still available for agriculture
  • make a contribution to the energy transition and environmental protection
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Only Caeli offers:

  • Free analysis of your property (e.g. profitability, planning law, faunistic initial report)
  • best lease income through groundbreaking fee model
  • Nationwide marketing of your property by tender
  • wide range of project developers to choose from
  • legally verified Caeli concession agreement and final negotiation


Find out more about Caeli Wind

What is Caeli Wind?

Caeli Wind is the digital marketplace that identifies wind potential areas for landowners and enables professional AI-supported analysis and marketing.

As a landowner, why should I work with Caeli Wind?

With Caeli Wind, you as a landowner have the unique opportunity to have your land tested for suitability for wind energy. For free. As a neutral marketplace, we advise you objectively, impartially and professionally as to whether your property is suitable and in which corridor a fair lease is moving.

What distinguishes Caeli Wind from other marketplaces or brokers?

Caeli Wind is a specialty marketplace. Our offer is aimed exclusively at landowners and companies from the wind industry. In advance, we check each company for its competence, which must be proven by references. Only registered and reliable companies have access to our marketplace. You decide who is allowed to apply for a lease on your property - so you as the owner of the area always have full control and are the master of the process. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise, backed by our groundbreaking AI tool, we radically reduce the effort for planning and approval   for project developers - this means that your area gains attention and value.

What else characterizes Caeli's analysis?

The Caeli analysis and verification process comprises numerous facets. In addition to the building blocks of restriction check, wind chance analysis and planning law, your property will undergo numerous suitability and quality checks. These include, among other things, initial faunistic reports, inquiries to BAF and the Bundeswehr, grid connection tests and, if necessary, rounding-off processes. Caeli Wind supports you as a landowner with all questions relating to wind energy and helps you with the marketing and procurement of your fields or forests. Free for landowners.

What happens at a Caeli auction or tender?

If you want your property to be awarded in the form of an auction, Caeli will put together a bidding field and take care of all the necessary process steps from the procedure letter to setting up a professional data room. We create and moderate the auction via our digital platform and provide you with detailed information about the rent offered, park planning and, if applicable, participation models. Alternatively, we support you in sales in the form of a beauty contest or by directly awarding it to interested project developers. We will advise you in detail on the advantages and disadvantages of individual award procedures in advance.

What do I have to pay to Caeli as the owner of the space?

Our service is free for property owners. Caeli charges wind power project developers a performance-based commission that is customary in the market, which is only due if the project is successful.

What are the next steps?

If you would like to find out anonymously and without obligation about the suitability of your area, you are welcome to use our free area check right here on the website at any time. Of course, we also look forward to hearing from you. If you have them at hand, you would be happy to prepare your property in the form of field maps, field numbers or shape files so that the Caeli experts can inform you most quickly and precisely which leases you can expect - often during the first meeting.

Do you have any further questions or would you like personal advice?

Some things can only be clarified in a personal conversation. Feel free to contact our experts and let us advise you.

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